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If you missed the AudioSession and would like to purchase a copy of the transcript, please send an email to info@pharmcentric.com.

Risk-Adjusted Resource Management:
8 Key Steps to Managing a Diverse Portfolio

Featuring: Mahesh Singh, Director, Life Sciences Business Group, Pittigio Rabin Todd & McGrath

Tuesday, July 20, 1-2:30 pm ET
Location: Your office or conference room



Audiosession Overview

Effective resource management is a significant dilemma for any pharmaceutical company with a large number of promising drug candidates. How should you best apply limited resources to develop them? While good portfolio management practices help inform decisions on project selection and prioritization, the day to day management of resources continues to  be a major challenge to senior leaders, functional heads, and project managers. The allocation of people and dollars across project life cycles is further complicated by the inherent uncertainty in drug development, driven by unpredictable clinical results, regulatory demands, and competitive pressures. This puts an enormous pressure on management, functions and teams in managing projects through the development cycle.

In this audio-session, you will receive critical pointers from Mahesh Singh, one of the top experts in resource management, about how to manage a diverse portfolio on an attrition-adjusted basis, including how to:

  • Improve project trade-off analysis
  • Avoid missing project milestones and goals due to underestimated and overlooked project risks
  • Improve the accuracy of resource demand forecasts
  • Assess capacity and determine bottlenecks
  • Dynamically balance resource demand and capacity
  • Differentiate between near term resource allocation and long term capacity planning

By participating in this session, you will have the opportunity to bring your own experiences (and questions) into the discussion and receive expert feedback. The session will be a 60-minute presentation with 30 minutes interactive Q&A.

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Fee: $245
Invite your whole team to join you - the fee is the same as long as you are on one line, just put it on speakerphone!

Fee Includes:

  • Hardcopy of presentation slides sent to your office prior to session
  • Transcript provided within 14 days after the session
  • Your questions answered directly by this leading expert

Can't make the time and date of the call? The transcript is available as well for only $195.

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Featured Speaker

Mahesh Singh
Life Sciences Business Group, Pittiglio Rabin Todd & McGrath

Mahesh has significant experience implementing best practices to help pharmaceutical companies improve their product development processes covering the areas of portfolio planning, resource management and project management.

Mahesh has been involved in the development and implementation of major strategic initiatives in the areas of product development and operations excellence for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. He also has depth and breadth knowledge of product development and supply-chain management.

Prior to PRTM, Mahesh had worked in KPMG's consulting practice assisting clients in a multitude of industries to resolve various supply-chain issues. He is an expert in the area of distribution network optimization utilizing network modeling tools and assisted two multi-billion dollar clients optimize their distribution networks. Mahesh also spent several years at Abbott Laboratories in the development and marketing of transfusion diagnostic systems.

Mahesh obtained his Master of Management degree, with honors, from Northwestern University , with a concentration in finance and marketing. He also received his MS in biomedical engineering from Rutgers University and his BS in electronics and communications engineering from Madras University, India.

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How to Register

Online: Online Registration Form
By phone: Call 1-800-338-2223 or 781-891-8080 (9:00am-5:30pm EST)

To Order the Transcript:

By phone: Call 1-800-338-2223 or 781-891-8080 (9:00am-5:30pm EST)

Once registered, you will receive:

1. Email confirmation of your registration and call-in instructions (may come as separate emails).

2. Softcopy of presentation slides emailed to your office prior to audiosession

3. Complete transcript provided within 14 days after the session

4. Your questions answered by Mahesh Singh, both during the session (live) and after (by email).

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How does it work?

This audiosession is delivered directly to you – no travel time.

The live audio is delivered to your office over the telephone to provide clear, reliable sound quality. The audiosession is live and interactive. You will be able to ask questions and email after.

What equipment do I need?

For the audio:

A touch-tone telephone. Speaker-phones are best so that others can listen as well.

For the presentation:

  • Windows Personal Computer
    • PC: 166Mhz Pentium-based PC or better
    • Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP
    • Powerpoint
  • Macintosh PC
    • Macintosh OS 10.2 or higher
    • Powerpoint

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Q: Do I have to travel?
A: Participate from your own office - no travel time!
You can participate from your own office, submit your own questions, and even opt for just the transcript if the time or date doesn’t work for you.

Q: What is an audiosession?
The live audio session is delivered directly to your office over the telephone. The session is live and interactive. You can ask questions and receive answers in real time directly from our expert.

Q: Do I need special equipment?
For the Audio Session: All you need is a touch-tone telephone. You can use a speaker-phone so that others can listen too at no additional charge.
For the Slides: We will send you an email with the slides attached or a url for you to download the slides (depending on size). You will need Microsoft Powerpoint powerpoint_icon.gif (342 bytes).

Q: What is the fee? And do we have to pay for each person attending?
You pay one fee of $245 per site – this includes as many people as you can fit in a room around your speaker phone.

Q: What will I receive?
Each site will receive:

1. powerpoint_icon.gif (342 bytes) Softcopy of presentation slides emailed to your office prior to session (you can make photocopies for others attending)
2. msword-icon.gif (942 bytes) Complete transcript provided within 14 days after the session
3. Your questions answered by an expert.
4. A call in number to participate in the audio session

Q: When should I expect to receive the audio session materials?
A: We usually email the audio session dial in number along with the slides at least one (3) days before the audio session.

Q: Help! I registered for an audio session and I haven’t received any materials! What should I do?
Call 800-338-2223 at least three (3) hours before the audio session is due to begin and let the person answering the phone know that you haven't received the call in information.

Q: What if I can’t make it?
If you can't participate in this audio session, you can order the audio kit which includes the transcript for $195. It will be mailed to you approximately two weeks after the session date.

Q: How do I register?
A: Online: Online Registration Form
By phone:
Call 1-800-338-2223 or 781-891-8080 (9:00am-5:30pm EST)
To Order the Transcript:
By phone:
Call 1-800-338-2223 or 781-891-8080 (9:00am-5:30pm EST)

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